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Northern British Columbia

Atlin Mining District

Gray Rock’s Northern British Columbia properties are all located near the small town of Atlin. The Atlin placer gold camp, located on the eastern shore of Atlin Lake ranks as the second largest producer of placer gold in the province. For most of its history, mining has been the economic mainstay for Atlin since the discovery of gold on Pine Creek in 1897.

Gray Rock’s projects in the area are focused on studying the bedrock around past and present placer operations with the goal of locating the source of the placer gold which permeates the river and stream beds around Atlin.

During the height of mining activity near the turn of the last century, the former town of Discovery, 12 kilometers east of Atlin on Pine Creek, had a population in excess of 10,000. Reported placer gold production between 1898 and 1946 from creeks in the Atlin area totaled 19,722 kg (634,147 ounces). A number of the large placer deposits, including those on Otter, Spruce and Pine creeks, continue to produce significant quantities of gold to the present.

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