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Titan Property


Location: Northern British Columbia (Atlin Mining District)
Minerals: Ag, Au, Cu, Pb, Zn
Ownership: 100% Gray Rock
Size: 1,299.1 ha
Status: Exploration

Property Description

The Titan property is located in the Coast Mountains in the southwest side of Taku Arm, on Tagish Lake, 35 km southwest of Atlin, BC. The White Pass Railroad, with direct access to the port of Skagway, is approximately located 60 km northwest of the property.

Exploration History

Mineral exploration history of the area dates back to 1890’s, when prospectors traveling over the Chilkoot trail and across Bennett Lake to the Klondike goldfields first started exploring the area. The first recorded production in the area came from the Engineer Gold Mine at Taku Arm on Tagish Lake. A small amount of production also came from the Ben-My-Chree gold mine.

Early prospectors discovered a number of precious and base metal bearing veins on the north and east slope of White Moose Mountain known as the Rupert showings. In 1979, United Keno Hill Mines Ltd. (“UKHM”) staked the Fee claims to cover the Rupert showings. UKHM carried out extensive geological and geochemical surveys in the showing area.

In 1986, UKHM optioned the property to Rise Resources. Rise confirmed the soil geochemical anomalies but performed no further work.

In 1989, the property was optioned to Placer Dome. Placer conducted mapping, geochemical sampling, geophysical surveys and trenching on the showings. Their program had limited success and the property was later allowed to lapse.

During the period of this exploration activity, field crews noted that the ongoing retreat of glacial ice at the headwaters of Buchan Creek had begun to expose porphyry copper – molybdenum mineralization.

In August 2002, local prospector Dennis Ouellette staked the TITAN claim and conducted a one-day field program confirming the high-grade nature of the molybdenum occurrences. Rock samples collected from a glacially derived boulder field returned values up to 0.8 % Mo. Later that year the property was acquired by Eagle Plains Resources Ltd.

Exploration Work in 2007 and 2008 consisted of an airborne magnetic and radiometric geophysical survey, geochemical soil sampling along with geological mapping and prospecting traverses with associated rock sampling. These programs results in the delineation of multi element geochemical anomalies of Au, Ag, Pb, Zn and Cu in a zone 1.4 km long and 750 m wide in proximity to the Rupert/Silver King and Rupert-L showings, along with open anomalies at edge of soil survey.

In 2011 a 425 line-kilometer airborne electromagnetic (EM) & magnetic geophysical survey was completed by SkyTEM Airborne Surveys.

The EM study was followed by geological mapping, prospecting, soil and stream-silt geochemical sampling. The 2011 sampling program included the collection of 38 rock samples for assay, 22 rocks for petrophysical analysis, 4 stream-silt samples and 366 soil samples. Three samples collected from the Buchans showing, returned between 0.03 and 8.41 g/t Au, 2.3 g/t to over detection silver (>300 g/t Ag), 110 to 3000 ppm Cu, and 0.080 to 24.18% Pb.

Exploration Plan

The study in 2011 indicated that the Buchans Vein and White Moose showing have potential for economic viability, due to its high-grade gold content supported by high galena-hosted silver content. Lead may also be extractable due to the high concentrations present. The Buchan Vein may belong to the same suite of mineralized prospects as the past-producing Engineer and Ben-My-Chree mines. Research is recommended to determine if previous age dating has been done at the two small past producers, and is also recommended for the Buchan Showing. A second approach is to compare mineralogical characteristics of the showings, together with fluid inclusion studies, to determine if they belong to the same suite.

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